Highly Likely to Recommend

Highly likely to recommend

09/01/2017 – lovelitay
Bought a Single Family home in 2017 in North Chesterfield, VA.

Adeline is a blessing. I am so thankful our paths divinely crossed. I believe she was specifically sent to me to guide me along what was a new, scary, unexpected adventure in my life. When I downloaded the Realtor app as I began taking the first steps towards buying a home, I had no clue what I  was doing nor did I have a clue what I was in for. I found one house I kinda liked and sent a response through Realtor. I heard back from someone who, for some reason, we couldn’t fully talk upon their initial contact and scheduled to talk further later that day. In the meantime however, Adeline stepped in, not knowing that someone else had already called me in regards to it, and SHE called me to reach out about my inquiry. After talking to her just a few moments, I could tell she cared–not only that, I could sense her caring spirit far more than the person that had just called me, and I started to think, hmmm…why not just go with this sweet lady who is far more engaging and whom I’m connecting with much more already?? I realized soon that I had dodged bullet with the first Realtor who had called me, being that person was so busy and distracted by the booming business of the market, that they would have undoubtedly lacked the extra effort and attention that Adeline gave me, which I so desperately needed, being a newbie. I spent weeks out on the road with Adeline, seeing house after house, and eventually offering on multiple houses, and getting shut down on multiple houses; and she didn’t miss a beat, never got tired of me seeing her so much, or me texting and emailing her multiple times a day, and never let me get distracted or discouraged. Not to mention she actually gave me a ride when I had car issues on one of our scouting days—what I consider “above and beyond” the call of duty! She was always attentive to me, no matter when I reached out to her. She cared for me as a person, AND for my experience as a first time homebuyer and made it her mission to help me succeed. I can’t put into real words how grateful I am that God led me to her so that I could find my home. I could have been linked with anybody, and almost was, and I’m just blessed it was her. She is AMAZING and I would recommend her to EVERYONE! Because of her, I am a happy new homeowner! I am also even more blessed to call her my friend and spiritual sister, as our relationship will not end just because I found my house; we are connected and will stay in touch. Whenever it’s time to make another move, she’s who I’m calling! Thanks so much Adeline!!!!Less